The 16th Laurieston Scout group recently completed an overnight ‘expedition’ in which they had to carry all their equipment, including tents, stoves, and their food for a two-day trip as part of their Scouts Expedition Challenge Award.  Their route through central Scotland took them to the summit of hills, through farmland, around a reservoir and along rivers, giving everyone a chance to get away from civilisation.

Our previous overnight group camps have been held at our local Scout campsite, where heavier tents could be used, however this was the first time our Scouts took part in an overnight trip in which they had to be completely self-sufficient.  Funding from the Alpkit Foundation allowed us to purchase a Jaran-3 ultra-lightweight tent, that meant all in our party were able to use lightweight shelters that were easy to pack and carry.  Unseasonably sunny March weather provided great walking conditions, but the clear skies at night meant that overnight temperatures dropped to minus 2 C, so the Scouts really welcomed the shelter at night!

Scouting aims to provide our young members with ‘skills-for-life’ and this experience has helped our Scouts develop their confidence in exploring new places and provided them with an understanding of what it takes to be self-sufficient in ‘wild’ places.  On the back of this trip, our Scouts and volunteer leaders are already planning the next expedition….